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Woman Rescued From A Sewer System Claims To Lost In Its Interior

They rescue a woman from a sewer system who claims to have been lost in its interior for 3 weeks.

The firefighters of the town of Delray Beach (Florida, USA) have made one of the strangest rescues in their trajectory last Tuesday: they have taken from the bottom of a scupper a naked woman , who claims to have spent three weeks lost in the sewerage system.

As published by the fire department of the American town, the woman was rescued completely naked. It was a passing pedestrian who heard screams coming from the bottom of a scupper on Atlantic Avenue.

He proceeded to call the rescue teams, who uncovered the entrance and proceeded to remove the woman from the bottom of the conduit, almost three meters deep.

According to the Mirror newspaper , the woman’s name is Lindsay Kennedy and she was in stable health, although covered in dirt and with some superficial wounds.

Lost while swimming
The woman had been reported missing three weeks ago , and the last word about her is that she had gone swimming in a canal near her boyfriend’s house.

The woman herself related that, while swimming, she found a door in the channel that she decided to continue swimming . She followed that path for a long time until she realized that she was lost and could not find her way back.

Kennedy claims that all this time he has been wandering in the sewer system . Finally, it was last Tuesday that he found a light that came from the surface and that was when he began to scream for help.

The woman has been taken to the hospital to recover , although she is not in serious condition. Investigators are unclear on how he was able to survive for so long inside the city’s sewers and are investigating the matter.

“He couldn’t stand upright,” a rescue team spokesman told the Mirror. “He had no clothes and was very dirty. But he only had superficial wounds and his knees were covered with scratches.”

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