A woman accused of killing her abusive husband is hanged and executed by her own daughter in Iran.

A woman has been sentenced to hang in Iran for killing her husband, who mistreated her. And the sentence has been carried out by his own daughter , according to human rights activists.

Maryam Karimi has been executed on 13 March in Rasht Prison after spending 13 years in a cell, as reported by the British newspaper The Sun .

Karimi was sentenced under the qisas law , a kind of talion law that sentenced her to death as an exemplary punishment for having killed her husband. The legislation allows relatives of the convicted person to be present and even participate in the execution .

I thought i was dead
The chosen one was her own daughter, who when her father died was six years old. According to the newspaper, in all this time he had been told that both his parents were dead, but only a few weeks ago he received the news that his mother was actually living and that he could participate in his execution.

In the case, there were doubts about who had been responsible for the man’s death, since Karimi’s father, Ebrahim, also participated in the event , who was also against his son-in-law because he did not accept a divorce and mistreated his daughter.

It is also unclear why Ebrahim was not sentenced to death . The father was forced to watch the hanging of his daughter.

According to human rights groups, in 2019 225 people were executed under the qisas , a law that has been criticized for being “inhumane and cruel.”

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