They uncover the business “in black” of a university professor: he sold the answers of exams by WhatsApp. The professor at the Faculty of Business Economics at the University of Genoa (Italy) offered private classes “in black”.

An investigation by the Italian authorities has revealed that a professor sent, through the messaging application WhatsApp, the answers to exams of the Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Genoa (northern Italy).

The professor, without a contractual relationship with the Genoese center, also wrote final degree projects and was discovered thanks to the alarm raised by the university , which reported a suspicion of buying and selling answers to the General Accounting exam, according to the media. Italians.

“The Department of Economics of the University of Genoa, which was the first to denounce the possibility of illegal conduct during examinations to the police , has always actively collaborated in investigations, providing examinations and degree work for the students involved”, underlined the so-called Finance Guard.

The institute teacher, who offered private classes “in black”, received on his mobile photographs of the tests of subjects such as Statistics, General Accounting or Marketing, solved them at the moment and sent the results to his students. After receiving the alert from the university, the agents showed up at his house during a General Accounting test and found him chatting with his students while they were taking the exam.

They then analyzed the professor’s technological devices and printed documents and found evidence of fraud for which 22 people have been denounced in court.

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