Pere Aragonès faces his first investiture debate to be elected president of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The Republican candidate will request the confidence of the House despite the fact that he will not be elected in the first round since JuntsXCat has decided to abstain . The plenary session begins at 10 am in the Auditori del Parlament. We follow it live.

The vice president of JxCat, Elsa Artadi, has argued that her party abstains in the first vote for the investiture of Pere Aragonès because there is no legislative agreement. “We do not want an investiture agreement, but a legislature,” he insisted in statements to TV-3.

He has denied that the position of the Junts is due to the role that former president Carles Puigdemont should play in the negotiations and has questioned that the abstention has surprised ERC: “We do not know if it is part of a ‘pressing Junts’, but it is not the way “, has said.

The session will begin at 10:00 am with the intervention, without a time limit, of the candidate for the investiture, who will present his government program.

Next, it will be the turn of the parliamentary leaders, from highest to lowest, who will have 30 minutes. After the reply of Aragonès and the counter-reply of the parliamentary groups, the vote will take place, in which the deputies will be called one by one to pronounce from their seat their vote: yes, no or abstention.

If, as it seems, Pere Aragonès does not achieve an absolute majority today (68 votes) – he only has the 33 votes of ERC and 9 of the CUP guaranteed – he will have a second chance – predictably next Tuesday, two business days after – in which a simple majority will suffice, although he will still need 32 votes in favor of JxCat to be invested.

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