liquid malt extracts

Malt is further processed to obtain liquid or dried sweeteners known as Malt Extracts. Different types of Malt Extracts include Standard Malt Extracts, and Extracts of Malt and Other Cereal Grains. Standard Malt Extracts, Specialty and Black Malt Extracts, are original grain or starch based sweetener. Specialty and Black Malt Extracts have numerous uses in bakery products which include fermentable material, browning, yeast food, and for flavoring agents, color, sweetener, and enzyme source. Malt extracts made from Barley are sweet in taste and it contains vitamin B, amino acids and effortlessly digestible protein.  It is used as a sugar auxiliary in nutritional food products and also as a sweetener for tonic brews. Barley malt abstract when mixed with cod liver oil is beneficial for use as a dietary supplement.  The main medicinal use of barley malt abstract is for the promotion of bowel health which is achieved by encouraging regular bowel movements. Various malt extracts are also used for brewing beer and also in preparation of whiskey.

The global liquid malt extracts market is driven by the diversified uses of liquid malts in beverages and pharmaceutical industry. One of the major factors boosting the growth of liquid malt extracts market is the use of malt extracts in pharmaceutical industry.  The use of malt extracts in areas such as cancer prevention, health products, source various vitamins and proteins and in dietary supplements is fueling the market growth globally. The increasing use of malt extracts in bakery and food products is also expected to propel the growth of malt extracts market globally.

The liquid malt extracts market is classified based on source, grade, application and regions. On the basis of source, the liquid malt extracts market is divided into Barley, Wheat, Rye and Others. Based on grade, the liquid malt extracts market is divided into Specialty Malt and Standard Malt. Based on application, the liquid malt extracts market is segmented into Pharmaceuticals, Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Food and Others.


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The market for liquid malt extracts is evaluated based on five regions namely Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa, North America. Asia Pacific holds a key share in the liquid malt extracts market owing to swiftly growing population and growing health awareness among the developing nations. The European malt extracts market is also expected to receive high growth during the forecast period due to use of malt extracts in alcohol production and bakery products.
Some of the major players operating in the global liquid malt extracts market include Aociated British Foods, Muntons Ireks, Doehler, Maltexco, Brie Malt & Ingredients, Barmalt, Harboe/Barlex, The Malt Company, Northern Brewer, Malt Products, Huajia Food, PureMalt Products, Guangzhou Heliyuan Foodstuff. Key players operating in the global market are absorbed on some of the chief market strategies such as partnerships, mergers, collaborations and acquisitions to grip their position competitive global market. Likewise, they are engaged on gaining grip on the local players to upkeep their product distribution and to improve their market reach in the international market.

The liquid malt extracts market is segmented
By Source:
• Barley
• Wheat
• Rye
• Others
By Grade:
• Specialty Malt
• Standard Malt
By Application:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Non-Alcoholic Beverages
• Food
• Others
By Region:
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• Latin America
• Middle East & Africa
• North America


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