Blockchain Market

The research is divided into four main activities to analyze the current market size of the chain market. The reason for the detailed secondary research is to collect information about the market, the peer market and the mother market.

The next step is to confirm the survey results. Scale, through preliminary research and assumptions made by industry experts on the entire value chain, using the three components of the top, bottom and bottom methods to estimate the overall market size. It points out that each value unit is only transmitted once, thus solving the long-standing problem of double capital expenditure. The global blockchain market value will reach XX million U.S. dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach XX million U.S. dollars by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of XX%.

Market dynamics:

The reason for the growth of the blockchain market is the increasing demand for distributed general-purpose technologies and the reduction of total asset costs. The growing demand for capital in the cryptocurrency market, simplified business processes, initial token issuance, and the creation of volatility and transparency are also some of the factors that have contributed to the growth of this market.

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However, blockchain is expected to accelerate the growth of the blockchain market in the next few years in terms of payment, smart contracts, the transformation of international trade, supply chain management, and the high adoption of digital identities. In addition, the adoption of blockchain technology, the increasing importance of communication service providers and the emergence of new programmable chain platforms, will create favorable market opportunities.

Research snapshot:
• Historical period: 2013-2016
• Base year: 2017
• Forecast period: 2018-2025
• Key parts: applications, providers and fields
• Key players: Earth port PLC, Factom, International Business Machines Corporation, Microsoft Companies, Ripple, Abra, AlphaPoint and Bitfury Group Limited, etc.

Market segmentation:

The global blockchain market is divided into organization size, applications, providers, industries, and geographic regions. Blockchain applications are subdivided into exchanges, smart contracts, digital identities, documents, governance, supply chain management, payment, risk management, and compliance, etc. On the basis of providers, the market is divided into application and solution providers, middleware providers, and infrastructure and protocol providers. According to the size of the organization, the market is divided into large enterprises and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, perpendicular to the basic knowledge of the industry, the market is divided into financial services, banking, government, insurance (BFSI), public sector, media and entertainment, retail and e-commerce,

Market Participants:
Some of the major players that provide blockchain solutions include Inc, Chain, BTL Group Ltd, Earthport PLC, Factom, Coin base, International Business Machines Corporation, Abra, Bit Fury Group Limited, Bit Fury Group Limited and Amazon Web Services

Key segments of the blockchain market:
Based on applications:
•Risk and compliance management
•Supply chain management
•Smart contracts
•Digital identities

Provider foundation:
provider•Infrastructure and protocol
provider•Application and solution provider

•Other Europe
•North America
•Latin America
•Other Latin America
•Other Asia-Pacific
•Multilateral Environmental Agreement

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