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Biden Says Not Much Immigration Comes Because I Am Nice

US President Joe Biden, in his appearance this Thursday, the first official press conference from the White House, has assured that “nothing has changed” on the border with Mexico, where he is facing a migration crisis due to the arrival of immigrant minors. “Not much immigration comes because I am a nice guy, it happens every year,” the president has justified himself after several accusations of favoring immigration.

Biden has repeatedly denied that the increase in Central Americans and Mexicans trying to enter the United States is due to his approach to immigration. Biden says that the increase in immigration and minors arriving alone “happens every year .” “I should be flattered that more people come because I’m a good guy, or that’s what they say. The reality is that nothing has changed, the same people come,” he explains.

“Does anyone think there was a 31% increase with Trump because he was a good guy? That is not the reason why they come,” the president said at the first press conference since his inauguration on January 20. The president believes that it is something that happens “whenever there is a change of government.”

In addition, he pointed out that “the vast majority of people who cross the border are returned. Thousands of people have been returned, thousands of people. Families as well.” On the other hand, it justifies that they are not “returning the families because Mexico is rejecting them.” “They should all return, but the ones we cannot leave without help are the children,” he clarifies.

“The vast majority of those under 18 come with a phone number in hand. For this reason, we have been trying for a long time to locate their family. Now we will develop a system that locates relatives in 24 hours and also distinguishes if they are It’s about the family or a mafia, “he continues.

“No administration has let children starve, only the Trump administration has done it,” he argues. Before returning them, he says, “you have to decide if his mother is in his country of origin and if so, he should be put on a plane and sent with his mother.”

Biden has concluded that “whatever program existed before he was president, he will not apologize for it.”

Promises double the number of vaccine doses before May
The US president, Joe Biden, also promised this Thursday that 200 million doses of the vaccine against covid-19 will be administered in his country before May, when his first 100 days in power will end.

Biden announced that goal, which is double the goal of 100 million doses he initially promised, during the first press conference of his term.

“Now, today, I am establishing a second objective, and that is that we will have administered, in my first 100 days in office, 200 million doses,” he stressed. Biden acknowledged that it is an “ambitious” goal but showed his confidence that it is achievable.

So far, some 85.5 million people (25.7% of the population) have received at least one dose, of which 46.4 million (14%) have already been fully inoculated, since December 14, 2020. when the first was injected.

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