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A 9 Year Boy Dies At US Border With Mexico

A 9-year-old boy dies at the United States border with Mexico. Biden, in the face of the migratory crisis at the border: “Don’t come to the United States.”

A 9-year-old migrant boy died after being found unconscious by US border agents in the Rio Grande, on the US border with Mexico , as reported Thursday.

The boy was found with his mother and a 3-year-old brother, both also unconscious, on an island on the Mexican side of the river in the Del Río area (Texas, USA) on the 20th, according to a statement. of the United States Border Patrol.

The agents administered first aid and transferred the migrants to the United States, where the woman and the youngest of the children regained consciousness.

The other minor, however, did not wake up and was later pronounced dead by medical professionals in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The Border Patrol did not provide further details on the causes of death or the circumstances of the event in its statement. The mother has Guatemalan nationality and her two sons are Mexican.

The border between the United States and Mexico has seen a growth in the arrival of migrants in recent weeks , many of them unaccompanied minors or families.

According to government sources quoted by the media, the US Border Patrol has around 5,000 minors in its custody , while the Department of Health shelters currently host about 15,000 children who have crossed the border unaccompanied by their parents or legal guardian.

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