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Articles Posted in the Single Category

  • LF

    Single: Laranja – Lose Faith

    When a band find out the day before their debut single release that their track is somehow already available to download, they must be safe in the knowledge that at least they’re on to something that’s well worth being heard.

  • Single: Heavy Waves – No Good

    When Heavy Waves’ debut single ‘Edward’ dropped, it was one of those tunes that could either make or break the band.

  • Ego Honey

    Single: Ego Honey – Seventeen

    Sweltering guitars meet refreshingly cool vocals for a mellow summertime song that’ll have you hooked in no time.

  • Single: Sunrise Over Europe – By Land, By Sea

    The first track released by Sunrise Over Europe since their debut album We Raised the Flames and Built a City on the Ashes is a cacophonous maritime roar and the first step towards what appears to be a new direction for the band.

  • Single: Superfood – TV

    Superfood are Supergood.

  • artois

    Single: The Artois – In The City

    If ‘Tame Me’ was the exciting new kid in town, ‘In The City’ would be it’s enigmatic (and infinitely cooler) older sibling. And we’re already a little bit in love.

  • Single: The Grafham Water Sailing Club – Kappa Kappa

    The Grafham Water Sailing Club have created a unique and interesting sound which has given the ever growing Midlands music scene an added burst of variety.

  • Single: Joe Evans – The Assassinator

    Joe Evans could well be the love child of Alex Turner and Miles Kane, if that were biologically possible.

  • Single: Heavy Waves – Edward

    Since playing their first gig just over a year ago, Heavy Waves have been stirring up a storm across the local music scene and beyond.

  • Single: God Damn – Heavy Money

    Listening to God Damn’s new single ‘Heavy Money’ is like going fifteen rounds with a world heavyweight boxer.