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Articles Posted in the Single Category

  • Ego Honey

    Single: Ego Honey – Seventeen

    Sweltering guitars meet refreshingly cool vocals for a mellow summertime song that’ll have you hooked in no time.

  • Single: Sunrise Over Europe – By Land, By Sea

    The first track released by Sunrise Over Europe since their debut album We Raised the Flames and Built a City on the Ashes is a cacophonous maritime roar and the first step towards what appears to be a new direction for the band.

  • Single: Superfood – TV

    Superfood are Supergood.

  • artois

    Single: The Artois – In The City

    If ‘Tame Me’ was the exciting new kid in town, ‘In The City’ would be it’s enigmatic (and infinitely cooler) older sibling. And we’re already a little bit in love.

  • Single: The Grafham Water Sailing Club – Kappa Kappa

    The Grafham Water Sailing Club have created a unique and interesting sound which has given the ever growing Midlands music scene an added burst of variety.

  • Single: Joe Evans – The Assassinator

    Joe Evans could well be the love child of Alex Turner and Miles Kane, if that were biologically possible.

  • Single: Heavy Waves – Edward

    Since playing their first gig just over a year ago, Heavy Waves have been stirring up a storm across the local music scene and beyond.

  • Single: God Damn – Heavy Money

    Listening to God Damn’s new single ‘Heavy Money’ is like going fifteen rounds with a world heavyweight boxer.

  • Single: Lovats – Over

    Bubbling guitar riffs and a driving drumbeat rippling with fills introduce the track

  • Single: Leopard – Breathe

    Leopard are a band you’re going to have keep your eyes and ears on if you want to find out more, and they’re definitely worth the extra effor