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Articles Posted in the EP Category

  • mrgeorge

    Mr George’s Famous Last Words – Young Man

    It’s the confidence that strikes you at first. Rather than shove a heavily salted indie treat into the Midlands’ already bloated soundhole, Mr George has decided his famous last words will read – ‘real rock and roll lived here.’

  • aidenbest

    Aiden Best – In Hopes Of Better Life

    Despite still being young, Best’s world-weary howl suits him, especially on the folky ‘Emerald City’, where he conjures up the sulky strums and Americana grains Lightspeed Champion used to muster so well.

  • EP: Charlotte Carpenter – Whole

    Albeit short and sweet, the EP shows Charlotte Carpenter at her best, an extremely talented singer/songwriter who defies her young years.

  • EP: Superfood – MAM

    Superfood have broken out of the so called B-Town scene and made it their own; the release of their debut EP will without a doubt make everyone go crazy for everything Birmingham again.

  • Women

    EP: Women – Sleepin’ Blues

    We’d compare this release to a wild animal – it’s savage, and what’s more, it’s free.

  • EP: Brother & Bones – To Be Alive

    After touring solidly and refining their sound for the last 18 months, rockers Brother & Bones are releasing their new EP To Be Alive next month.

  • EP: Andy Goddard – Chapters

    Andy Goddard isn’t just another bloke with an acoustic guitar.

  • CR

    EP: China Rats – Don’t Play With Fire

    With the low-fi aura of The Vaccines enveloping Alex Turner-like bouts of lyrical self-deprecation, Don’t Play With Fire more than solidifies China Rats standing as the next big, stand-out indie darlings.

  • EP: Pixies – EP1

    The first noticeable trait is the absence of bassist Kim Deal, who’s sugary backing vocals used to chime so brilliantly with the tortured howl of Black.

  • EP: Dead Sea Skulls – Dead Sea Skulls

    Birmingham’s Dead Sea Skulls feature a member of now defunct rock band Raven Vandelle and a lead singer who drums standing up whilst belting out their tunes.