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Articles Posted in the Releases Category

  • Single: EKKAH – 7AM

    EKKAH’s debut demo is furiously feel good and bang on time for bumping its way onto your already busy summer playlists

  • horrors

    Single: The Horrors – So Now You Know

    If what they’ve put out from it so far is to serve as a clear indicator, Luminous is set to be The Horrors at their dreamiest yet.

  • EP: Superfood – MAM

    Superfood have broken out of the so called B-Town scene and made it their own; the release of their debut EP will without a doubt make everyone go crazy for everything Birmingham again.

  • Album: Wild Beasts – Present Tense

    The number of bands you can compare Wild Beasts to is whittling, and the four piece certainly stand triumphant in a sea of bands that don’t pay much attention to their delivery or lyrics.

  • Women

    EP: Women – Sleepin’ Blues

    We’d compare this release to a wild animal – it’s savage, and what’s more, it’s free.

  • Album: Johnny Foreigner – You Can Do Better

    ‘You Can Do Better’ (Alcopop!) is the 4th album from Jo Fo and it returns to the ragged glory of the 1st album in many ways.

  • Cellar Door

    Single: Babypink – Cellar Door

    Bursting with a raw energy and intensity, it’s hard to find fault in ‘Cellar Door.’

  • Drowners

    Album: Drowners – Drowners

    They’ve played shows with The Vaccines, opened for Arctic Monkeys, and yet their debut album has still to see release. So who exactly are the four-piece that have been garnering so much attention from the indie elite?

  • Laced

    Single: Laced – Brian

    Twinkling into life, the tracks driving rhythms and vibrant layers of guitars waste no time capturing your attention.

  • EP: Brother & Bones – To Be Alive

    After touring solidly and refining their sound for the last 18 months, rockers Brother & Bones are releasing their new EP To Be Alive next month.