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Reading Festival: 10 acts you should probably go and see

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Published on August 22, 2012

With only a few days to go until this years Reading and Leeds Festival, you have no doubt been inundated with innumerable ’bands you MUST see’ lists, and I can guarantee that most of them feature a majority of the ‘givens’ i.e. Foo Fighters, The Cure, The Vaccines, The Black Keys, Two Door Cinema Club etc. But it’s not all about the big name draws, and this year, the organisers have outdone themselves with the amount of raw, under the radar talent and left field cult geniuses they’ve secured, making stages like the BBC Introducing and The Festival Republic hotbeds for the discovery of your new favourite bands. So if you fancy checking out something a little different or have a few hours to kill between bands, we strongly suggest that you give these guys a look in:
10. Jake BuggSaturday, 16:25, Festival Republic Stage
We have featured this little blighter quite a few times already on the site, and thankfully, he just doesn’t seem to be disappearing into the fog as some many other ‘breakout stars’ do. Imagine if Bob Dylan was a small Nottingham lad that spent all his time listening to Johnny Cash, and you are getting close to Bugg’s sound.
9. The MinutesSaturday, 11:55, Festival Republic Stage
If you can get up early enough then these lads from Dublin are definitely worth a gander. Big, loud and full of attitude, they a super-charged version of something that has become very flat and stagnant in the last few years, full on British rock ‘n’ roll.
8. MarmozetsSunday, 17:40, BBC Introducing Stage
If you prefer your music with a bit more bite, then Marmozets are for you. They package math-rock nuances with an explosive charm that leaves you feeling like your head’s been caved in, in the most glorious way possible. Move over Rolo Tomassi, the new kids are in town.
7. Max RaptorSaturday, 17:00, BBC Introducing Stage
Now for some Midlands punk rock in the form of the irrepressible Max Raptor. There’s not much I can say about these guys that’s not covered in ‘OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO F**KING AWESOME!”, because that’s exactly what they are. The fact that they aren’t bigger than they are at the moment well and truly astounds me, these are a definite must-see.
6. Family of The YearFriday, 13:10, BBC Introducing Stage
All the way from LA, Family of The Year are one of the more floaty and whimsical acts to feature on the BBC Introducing Stage; a cavalcade of grin-inducing, child-like euphoria and tuneful catchiness. Perfectly positioned at the peak of middday, they will be the ideal soundtrack to a sun-drenched pint or two.
5. Black MothSaturday, 13:25, BBC Introducing Stage
Ever wondered what a female fronted Black Sabbath might sound like? Well, wonder no more, because here come Black Moth. I know it’s a pretty huge comparison, but when you couple singer Harriet’s scuzzily seductive voice with the bands penchant for epic riffery, then it’s not hard to see the shadow of the godfathers of metal ingrained in The ‘Moth’s influences.
4. Palma VioletsFriday, 12:35, Festival Republic Stage
Now if there is one dark horse slipped in with the undercard, then it’s Palma Violets. A handful of intimate gigs, a couple of demo songs released onto the net and an appearance with The Vaccines, they have made an enormous underground name for themselves in an alarmingly short amount of time. Already signed to Rough Trade, if I was to put my money on any band to have a meteoric rise by this time next year, Palma Violets are that band.
3. Tall ShipsSunday, 20:40, BBC Introducing Stage
Falmouth 3 piece Tall Ships have the honour of closing the BBC Introducing Stage, and although they are in the unenviable position of being up against the likes of the Foo Fighters, they would be a superb alternative to any not wishing to close the weekend at the main-stage. They are a band you can truly get lost in, and would definitely leave you on a euphoric, last night high.
2. 2:54Sunday, 18:30, Festival Republic Stage
Another Sunday night treat would be Bristolian two piece 2:54. Made up of sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow, 2:54 have echoes of nineties bands such as Garbage and Curve, but with an intriguing, shoegazey twist.
1. Wet NunsFriday, 17:40, BBC Introducing Stage
Wet Nuns, in my opinion, will be the piece-de-resistance of Reading’s lower echelons. Hard-rocking, bluesy and intimidating, they are stereotypically ‘rock’, and a shed load more on top.  With songs so filthily rough yet rich, like a massacre conducted to Vivaldi, their self coined label of ‘death-blues’ is masterfully apt.

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