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EP: The Antlers – Undersea

Written by Samuel Litherland. Posted in EP, Releases


Published on July 23, 2012

One of the undisputed breakthrough acts of 2011; chill-out electronic indie band The Antlers release their latest EP, titled Undersea, on July 30. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY; they made a huge impact with their forth studio album Burst Apart last year; with hits ‘I Don’t Want Love’ and ‘Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out’ receiving major support.
Undersea offers a more experimental sound compared to their full albums. Opener, ‘Drift Dive’ delivers the first of four tracks with the distinct pitching of singer Peter Silberman’s soulful voice, on top of a perfectly formed floating musical current. With relaxation in full flow, the eight and a half minute keyboard led progressive gem ‘Endless Ladder’ takes the EP to a new depth. It is the track on the EP which makes you most drift away, with the repetitive chorus “I’m an endless ladder, rising higher, higher and higher” getting lodged into the self-conscious whilst beautiful electronic drones penetrate the earpieces.
Melodies continue to ripple on the sublime ‘Crest’; it is perhaps the most conventional Antlers song out of the four tracks. Silberman demonstrates his impressive vocal range as ‘Crest’ builds in stature; the songs core built around genius soothing basslines, finished off with exceptional electronic trickery. The final song on the masterpiece is the rounded ‘Zelda’; opening with a blast of saxophone; it takes a darker mood compared to the chill-out on previous tracks. However, the real elements are still present; cool electronic buzzes, undercurrents of chill-out basslines and soothing guitars, this might be the stormiest track, but it’s more of a breeze than a thunderstorm.
The Antlers appear to have placed as much care and attention into the four tracks on ‘Undersea’ as found on the breakthrough album of ‘Burst Apart’. The EP is without doubt a step into murky waters, with eight minute long tracks and more electronic mixing than ever before. But after many listens, this resembles the QE2 rather than the Titanic… The Great Barrier Reef rather than Calais… In fact; there isn’t much more The Antlers could’ve done to make this better.

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