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Introducing: Apollo’s Mob

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Published on July 06, 2012

Eloise Colbe and Georgia Harris see themselves as the Greek God of music’s mob, they are Apollo’s Mob. With characteristics as endearing as their sound, these two girls are set to win the hearts of Midlands music fans left, right and centre.
Two is most definitely a crowd with Apollo’s Mob, they weave together their two distinctive vocal deliveries over softly strummed guitar strings and precise piano-led laments. Their lyrics however, are less of a simple delight.
They take on the weighty subjects that other musicians dare not sing about such as dead peasants. Their lyricisms also take a lot of inspiration from nursery rhymes. They find inspiration in each other; Georgia literally carries around a notebook to write down the things that Eloise says.
They are the kind of band that wouldn’t mind it if you called them cute. They aren’t a band too wrapped up in labels, comparisons or much at all other than the music they obviously love making so much. They are so cute.
Strawberry Laces by Apollo’s Mob
Summary: Their coos will have you swooning.
For fans of: Kate Bush, She & Him, Bat For Lashes
Listen to: Mockingbird, Strawberry Laces, From Russia With Love
Online: Facebook / Soundcloud

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