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Exclusive Interview: The Bombergs

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Published on June 20, 2012

As well as throwing parties, putting on bands and struggling with an ever changing line up, The Bombergs have been crafting away on their own brand of ‘band’. Multi-tasking seems to be their middle name. Counteract caught up with The Bombergs multi-tasking master Rick Wellings, who managed to chat up a girl and answer our questions at the same time.
“We’re not really rock’n’roll people, Mol’s kind of cosmic but none of us are rock’n’roll.” The Bombergs may not consider themselves rock’n’roll but they do have a certain swagger and with the addition of a new permanent drummer in the form of Martin Cleveley, they have a new spring in their step.
“It got to the point where I’d show up at rehearsals and wonder who I was going to be playing with. We’ve been lucky in that all the people that have played in the band have been really talented but since Martin joined on drums we’ve really got our act together. Whatever I was hoping the band would be when I started it, we’re closer to the spirit of the thing now.”
They have just released ‘Soft’ through Birmingham/London based label Speech Fewapy as a free download. “We’d already made plans to record and then the guys from Speech Fewapy got in touch and asked us about doing something together so it just seemed like a good idea. I’ve always liked their marketing spiel and they’ve been involved with some good people.”
New seems to be the word that sums up Birmingham’s The Bombergs at the moment. New drummer. New single. New label. New outlook.
Download ‘Soft’ here: speechfewapy.com

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