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Exclusive Interview: Bowling For Soup

Written by Robert Mann. Posted in Carousel, Interview


Published on February 16, 2012

It’s always hard to find where to start when talking to well known people within music, much like talking to Erik Chandler of pop-punk sensations Bowling for Soup.
After almost two decades together the band are taking a different route to touring, by opting for an acoustic tour. “Touring acoustically is just a bit easier all around. Logistically, it’s much simpler. There is very little gear to handle, which means a very short set up time. Soundchecks are very quick… we seem to end up with a lot more time on our hands during the day.”
He adds “It really isn’t that difficult to make our songs acoustic most of the time, seeing as how most of the songs start out on acoustic guitar.” After listening to their acoustic work it seems apparent that over the years they’ve managed to make the most out of every single influence within music, and why not, with influences such as The Lemonheads, R.E.M and The Clash – it’s easy to see where the punk aspect of their material comes from.
“Ummmmm…Fame? I thought that was all about our youthful good looks.” smirked Erik, showing his light hearted personality. He even went as far as referring to his fellow band mates as favourite artists to work with.
Eventually the question that every artist has a different opinion towards came into general conversation; advice on getting a music contract. His response was very dignified; “That’s not something that you can go into it thinking about, and if you do, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. It’s not about getting a contract or making money. You’ve got to love what you’re doing, first and foremost. That is all…”
It seems that his love of music is what drove to his career with Bowling for Soup. “Personally, I started singing when I was very young, so it’s just something that I have always done. I never really had a ‘that’s what I would like to do’ moment, because I was already doing it.”
It’s great to hear of musicians making their music simply because they want to, and as long as these guys stick to this logic then their music will carry on being as catchy and unique as they can get.
The latest Bowling for Soup tour named ‘An Acoustic Evening with Jaret & Erik’ comes to the O2 Academy Birmingham on March 30 with support from People On Vacation. Tickets are still available from o2academybirmingham.co.uk.

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